About NanoMist Fire Safety

The parent NanoMist Systems, LLC Company (www.nanomist.com) was originally founded in 2001. The company has been successful in unveiling an environmentally friendly fire protection solution concepts, a long-sought gas-like fine water mist technology. The mist produced at ambient pressure has been evaluated both as fire prevention and fire protection agents.  This breakthrough in fire safety agent evolved as a result of a decade of basic and applied research, combined with independent laboratory studies are evolving as a new class of product pipe-line. 

NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC (NFS) was founded in 2015 to continue fire safety technology. The NFS science combines cooling, inerting, blanketing oxygen, preventing auto ignition, and fire suppression processes - a paradigm shift in modern fire protection technology.


NanoMist Hybrid Fire Protection evolved as a powerful fire suppression agent. It involves a co-flow of air and nitrogen transporting the mist droplets from the device. Nitrogen can also be used as post extraction accelerator. However, nitrogen is not used as an atomizing gas. Both NanoMist and NanoMist Hybrid Systems have a wide range of commercial and industrial fire solutions. Most of large scale fire solutions can use NHS as the main fire suppression agent. 


The science and technology of NHS is described in next section Hybrid System.

Because of extremely fine water mist droplets, NanoMist behaves like a "pseudo gas" ​and fits into many of the gaseous agent application scenarios. The instantaneous vaporization of ultrafine droplets is the key to success of NanoMist fire protection applications. It is environmentally friendly.

Dr. Adiga recently co-founded (March 2018) NanoShunt, LLC, a Biomedical R&D company engaging in implant medical device. NanoShunt, LLC collaborates with the university Neurosurgery surgery department.  

A brief company history of NFS and sister companies are schematically sown below:. 

Company History Schematic - for website-

A brief literature  survey of NanoMist which is an important component of NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS) along with nitrogen is shown below.

Ultrafine Water Mist - Fire Interaction

Droplet size distribution

Droplet  diameter

CFD Modeling of ultrafine mist

CFD simulation and experimental tests of ultrafine mist

Blast mitigation and ultrafine mist

About NanoMist

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