K.C. Adiga, Ph.D.
NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC
Owner & CEO

​EmberTech, LLC: Founder & President
NanoMist Systems, LLC: Founder & Partner

NanoShunt, LLC: (Co-Founder & Partner): A Biomedical R&D Company
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Oxidizer-fuel ratio modeling and energetics for rocket propellants and combustion synthesis (>1300 citations)

K.C.Adiga has a Ph.D. in the area of rocket propulsion/combustion and has 25+ years of experience in various areas including propulsion, explosives, fire safety science, combustion and vaporization, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, materials science, and bio-decontamination science and technology. He has worked in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida before moving on to G.W University, Washington D.C as a Research Professor working at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), at the same time (1984-90) on CFD modeling of fires. He also worked on modeling fire safety of cigarettes for BAT Industries and has carried out CFD process modeling for drying, air separation, and safer cigarettes.

Dr. Adiga was an Adjunct Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Louisville, KY. Dr. Adiga has more than 40 publications (refereed journals, national and international conferences papers, papers in trade magazines), and 28 patents (issued and pending).

The citation of a published paper from Dr. Adiga's PhD thesis related to the modeling of oxygen balancing of multi-component reactants has been more than 1400. This analytical model has been used in materials and nano-materials synthesis process technologies.



Dr. Adiga founded NanoMist Systems in 2001 with a mission of developing an extremely fine mist atomization technology as a platform technology. After NanoMist's R&D produced marketable products ( Dr. Adiga founded EmberTech, LLC in 2013 to foster the R&D process for developing disruptive product technologies. EmberTech, LLC made a paradigm shift from fire suppression to fire prevention technology. The new technology, NanoMist Stovetop Fire Prevention addresses residential and commercial kitchen fire prevention.

In addition to establishing new companies and industrial sectors, Dr. Adiga has collaborated with the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory as well as Hughes Associates (funded through Geo Centers, Inc.), CSM Colorado School of Mines/NASA, major fire protection industries, Materials and CFD Industries, major health care industry (funded project), and the high speed aerodynamics and materials groups in a global collaboration.

Dr. Adiga and his wife Rajani have two grown children. Rajani and Dr. Adiga reside in Macon, GA.


James Andy Lynch, NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC Advisory Board Member
Owner, Fire Solutions Group (FSG)

6 Ferndale Road
Seven Valleys, PA 17360

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Mr. Lynch graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2000 with a mechanical engineering degree and then obtained his Master’s in fire protection engineering in 2004. He is a member of the Salamander Honorary Fire Protection Engineering Society. While attending college Mr. Lynch assisted in fire investigations for the Massachusetts State Police and worked for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Melbourne Australia. While completing his thesis, Mr. Lynch moved to Maryland and worked for Combustion Science and Engineering as a staff engineer.

Upon completion of his Masters degree Mr. Lynch worked for Hughes Associates conducting tests for the Naval Research Labs (NRL) as well as designing fire detection systems, egress analysis, and smoke control systems.  Mr. Lynch then became a partner in a startup called axonX in 2005 that was later purchased by Fike Corporation.  Mr. Lynch worked at Fike Video Image Detection until 2013. He now serves on the Board of Directors for Oval Fire Extinguishers, and is the sole owner of FSG. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), the International Association Fire Safety Science (IAFSS), and a technical committee member on the NFPA Fire Testing Committee. He is trained as an industrial firefighter from TEEX, Texas A&M’s engineering extension.

Note: Currently, Andy is in discussions with NanoMist Fire Safety (NFS) on  NHS equipment engineering details, testing and marketing aspects of NFS Hybrid system.

Kelley A Cole, NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC Advisory Board Member-Fire Protection

Kelley Cole, President & CEO



                        West Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.



​137 College Street

Macon, Georgia 31201



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Mr. Kelley A. Cole is a native of Macon, Georgia where he served as a firefighter with Macon-Bibb County for 16 years.


Mr. Cole continues his work in the fire protection industry as the owner of Westfire Extinguisher Service Incorporated for 10 years.


West Fire Extinguisher Service is well vested in the fire community as a long-standing company that began in 1970.


As hands-on fire protection professional, Kelley plays a major role in overseeing NanoMist Hybrid fire test laboratories and fire test activities.


Mr. Cole is happily married and has three sons, living in Macon, G

Note: Kelley Cole, coming from Fire Protection industry is the lead advisor to design & testing of NHS equipment on an ongoing basis.


Joseph C Petersen Jr. NanoMist Fire Safety Advisory Board Member

​Global advisor, leader, advisory board member

EarthVision Bio Inc., Byfusion Inc., GLG Inc.

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Joseph C Petersen Jr is a seasoned improvement, growth, and change agent leader.  He has practiced in the nearly extinct process of discontinuous improvement. While he has mastered both types of improvement processes (continuous and discontinuous), Mr. Petersen has specialized in the latter and is solidly based on DMAIC process. Discontinuous Improvement is non-recurring, rapid, step change improvements.  Mr. Petersen is a Deming/Goldratt disciple and one of a few remaining active experts that assist firms to develop, organize, and deploy strategy to move their firm quickly into a position of strength. He is a practical leader of firms and organizations seeking or needing to improve or evolve their enterprise. He is a proven C-level global business leader. Achieved by developing exceptional leadership skills. Mr. Petersen has a proven track record of leading various types businesses to Improve, grow, and develop/implement strategy.

As a cultural change agent specialist, he helps firms leverage their organizations talent to its maximum potential.  Mr. Petersen has headed global companies such as Stanley/Black & Decker- Europe/Africa/ME (formerly American Tool Companies A/S.  Fiskars Brands Inc (North American Outdoor Division), Harmon Electronics, and more recently was Executive  Director of Engineering & Innovation for the Fike Corporation.

Mr. Petersen obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.  Later, he was invited to attend the University of Kansas’s Mt. Oread Global Leadership Series, an immersive leadership crucible fusing together innovation, communication, and strategy in a collaborative learning environment at the nexus of business and industry, forging a brand of leader uniquely postured to confront the challenges of the 21st century..


​​​Mr. Petersen obtained his Black Belt in 1986 from the ORIGINAL Motorola-launched Six Sigma continuous improvement training program and instructed by the founder of Six Sigma, Bill Smith. Mr. Petersen is a Certified Production and Inventory Control certification from the Kansas City Chapter of The American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS). In 2009, he obtained his Certified Supply Chain Professional certification from APICS.

Dr. Joan Simunic, Ph.D., J.D.    IP Arrorney to NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC
EmberTech/NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC

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Joan Simunic earned her Ph.D. in chemistry and her law degree from the University of Cincinnati. Her dissertation research involved organometallic kinetic studies, and she did post-doctoral research at Iowa State University in inorganic kinetics. She has taught chemistry at Iowa State University, Northern Kentucky University and Indiana University Southeast. Prior to earning her law degree, Dr. Simunic worked as a research chemist for Fortune 100 companies and her research has covered a broad range of technical areas, including detergents, healthcare products, natural gas derivatives, alternative fuels, biomimetic catalysts, novel packaging materials, and industrial catalysts. Since earning her law degree, Dr. Simunic has served as General Counsel for a multinational catalyst manufacturer and as Vice President of a medical diagnostic company.

Dr. Simunic is a business, legal and technical executive with significant management experience developing corporate strategic plans, objectives and budgets, and providing legal and regulatory guidance to her clients. She has extensive experience providing executive-level leadership covering domestic and international business matters, directing operations responsible for chemical research, product development, manufacturing, corporate legal issues, intellectual property, licensing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment relations, regulatory and compliance matters, public relations, information technology, healthcare billing, purchasing and facilities management. In recent years, Dr. Simunic has worked with evolving entrepreneurial companies with a particular emphasis on enhancing their intellectual property portfolios, obtaining investments, and commercializing their technologies.

She is married and has two teenaged children.