NanoMist Fire Safety/EmberTech, LLC Companies have 3,000 sq. ft. laboratory space.

The laboratory is fully functional for:

  1. Combustion, fire science R&D, and fire testing

  2. General engineering R&D

  3. Nanomaterials research

  4. CFD modeling and heat transfer analysis laboratories for industries

  5. Biomedical R&D on Hydrocephalus Treatment - Implant Physics 


NanoMist® Fire Safety Agent:


  • Besides using NanoMist® as a fire suppression flooding agent, extensive efforts are underway on experimental and product development efforts, exploring NanoMist as a thermal management, and auto ignition prevention agent. NanoMist is discharged as a cooling and inerting agent by localizing, targeting, and sectionalizing (compartmentalizing) the fire areas.

  • Currently residential and restaurant kitchen fires due to overheated food items on the stovetop are being fine-tuned. 

  • NanoMist agent is used for thermal management and fire control in lithium-ion batteries - setups are being evaluated.


  • Laboratory has functional NanoMist® generators with mist densities varying from 10%-60% (wt/wt).

  • The capacity: 250 to 600 ml/min depending on applications. For higher throughputs, proprietary atomizers can be installed. 

  • The droplet size range is 1-10 microns. The core technology is patented and trademarked as NanoMist®. The mist generator has a specially designed swirl flow of air which has classification action to pick-up fines and drop the larger droplets.

  • These are evaluated by nanomaterials and fire protection industries. The U. S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has investigated NanoMist® for electronic space fire protection and published and presented scientific papers on number density, droplet size distribution, flame extinguishing ability in various configurations. 

Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software:

The company has Fluent CFD software with a perpetual license costing $90,000 and a yearly maintenance fee of $15,000. The CFD is a versatile tool for design of new experiments. NanoMist Systems uses this on a routine basis to enhance productivity, quality, and cut-down development time. The company has state-of-the-art computing facility for modeling and simulation.

Nanomaterial Processing Facility:

The laboratory has reactors where NanoMist generators are coupled to reactors to provide various precursor mist flows. The laboratory has thermocouple arrays and hot wire anemometers, constant temperature ovens, data acquisition systems, gas sensors, heat transfer measurement facility, and various test chambers for thermal and fire measurements.

Fire Research Facility Outside of Company Site:

The Company has leased in the past, a Fire Test Room (2500 sq. ft.) in the Former U.S. Forestry Service Fire Research Laboratory, Macon, GA to conduct fire tests and technology evaluation. The fire test room has a 20 ft. diameter central hood for exhaust. The facility may be available for lease and conduct large scale fire tests including commercial kitchen deep fat fryer fire suppression and fire prevention by NanoMist ultrafine mist. A photograph is shown below.

Resources: Lab facilities, prototypes, the team, and collaborative research

Prototypes, current laboratory facilities, and the management team responsible for the success of NanoMist work are included in the picture gallery shown below lab:

Proprietary High throughput (up to 1.0 LPM) NanoMist Generator Prototype
NanoMist Fire Safety Laboratories
NanoMist Team that established foundations of NanoMist Fire Safety (Founded in 2001)

Funded and collaborative projects in NanoMist Fire Research

Forest Fire Test facilty.jpg

Large Scale Fire Test Facility

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